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Centro Plast Irrigazione

Irrigation Division is the latest creation of Centro Plast.
Since its born the company has been implicated in irrigation system but only in the last months we need to increase a priority division in this sector.

  • Marketing division for promotional coordinating
  • Project division of irrigation system
  • Technical division

The company's policy has the aim to obtain the interests of the customers, for this reason on the offer we choose the best quality selection and brands.

In the market we sell material and design irrigation systems for vineyards, orchards, olive groves, industrial and hothouse crops.

We deal with irrigation implants and systems of parks, garden sporting centers: golf greens, rings, football fields.

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Centro Plast S.r.l. C.S. Ossaia, 32/B - Cortona (AR) ITALY
Tel. +39 0575.67522 - +39 0575.67187
Fax. +39 0575.679826 +39 0575.679857 P.IVA 01515850517