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ECOLINK per irrigazione agricolaYarn of certified paper from virgin cellulose

In agricolture very often the problem is not fastening and tying, but avoid that this operation leaves over the years indestructible bulky waste or ecologically dangerous in the environment.

In this way a new product based of paper has been developed for use in fixing and binding and, as all great ideas, it is simple and innovative at the same time. The producer is a world leader in the manufacture of paper: this ancient and noble material has been used to form various type of yarn, under different formulations, for use as twine or string to meet the farmer’s needs throughout its production cycle.

Spinning is an ancient process by which a thin strip of paper is twisted and trasformed in wire: this twist increases the resistance at the traction, and at the same time, obstructing the penetration of the water, it increases its duration. The phase of spinning requires a great attention in the choice of the paper more appropriate and in the correct dosage of the twist, to obtain a yarn that combines a good resistance at the traction and high waterproof. This product can be used excellently for ties both in the agricolture and gardening.


ECO LINK per irrigazione agricola

The photos attached, for examples, shows how the product can be used as wire of containment of green vegetation in the vineyard, positioned by means of special machinery: over the three years of trials (2008-2010) the product has revealed its complete adaptability to this type of use (see the trial photos in the field).

In this specific case the cord used presents 3-ply cord, each ply has a resistance equal to polyethylene of the same diameter. However it is available a new formulation represented by 2-ply cord that it is able to carry out the request function.

In the industrial orchard the product has been applied to substitute the PVC wire to give the exact angulation of branches of fruits. In this case it is used the flat yarn with a diameter of 4.5 mm, capable to withstanding the force of strong and mature branches (see the trial photos in the field).

ECO LINK irrigazione piante frutteto

The vertical cultivated plants in greenhouses (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc …) is confronted with the huge amount of plastic materials used to support the plants, that must be eliminated at the end of the cycle.The yarn of paper, being a product completely natural, it can semplify the disposal, because it doesn’ t require to separate the cord from the plant.

The Faculty of agricolture of the University of Florence (D.E.I.S.T.A.F.) has start a series of laboratory experiments to go into the knowledge of the tecnical features of yarn and to test its behaviour under a range of conditions.

The table below of the results of the primary trials, shows how the situations of high humidity alone may cause a reduction in load resistance performance, but not to the extent where the positive action is compromised (See the poster UNIFI 2010 (University of Florence)).

Test in dry 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Test 5 Test Test
Load KG Load KG Load KG Load KG Load KG Load KG
1. Nylon 74 66 79 79 73 72,20
2. BC 2x35 28,5 30 27 31,9 28,8 29,24
3. BC 3x35 37,2 36,1 36,6 40,8 35,4 37,22
4. BC 3x35 (old) 31 30 31 30,2 25,7 29,58
Test in wet 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Test 5 Test Test
Load KG Load KG Load KG Load KG Load KG Load KG
1. BC 2x35 14,8 16,63 10,9 10,7 13,8 13,37
2. BC 3x35 20,68 26,63 19,4 15,71 23,27 21,14
3. BC 3x35 (old) 12,5 5,5 7,4 9,1 10,19 8,94
Legenda:BC2x35= cordone due capi; BC3x35= cordone tre capi; old= cordone usato

In this way, today the industry offers us a new solution, it’s in fact possible to have a new type of paper that maintaining its characteristics it presents a low hydrophilicity. It will consent to improve its functions without altering its biodegradability in the soil. And not only, probably it will extend the life of yarn by several years.

This new formulation, second generation yarn, is called ECOLINK.

Technical features of Ecolink

In fact, the field tests carried out with this new type of yarn confirmed its excellent resistance in seasonal ties but also showed an unexpected resistance to climate: ligature of young vines to the tutor with the yarn 2 mm showed a resistance more than four years.

As every material even paper yarn is subject to elongation and has a tensile strength which varies as a function of the formulation. See the table below:

Code Shape   Diameter (mm) Tensile strength Elongation (%) Weight (g/m)
ELT2/410 Round 2,00 15,00 6,00 2,10
ELT3/280 Round 3,00 17,00 9,00 3,00
ELP3/410 Flat 3,00 13,00 4,00 1,95
ELP4/340 Flat 4,00 15,00 6,00 2,75
ETA15/500 Iron core 1,50 9,00 4,10 1,65
ETC3/100 Glued 300 17,00 9,00 3,00
ECT235 2 ply 2X32 39,00 4,30 4,70
ECT325 3 ply 3X25 48,00 5,70 6,00
ECT335 3 ply 3X32 63,00 6,80 7,50
Click on the code to have more informations

Ecolink is available in a variety of specifications to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of applications:

Ecolink is currently available in the following formats:

Its possible applications can be summarize in any points:

ECOLINK per irrigazione agricola ECOLINK per irrigazione agricola
Ecolink Ecolink

Finally, we would like underline its principal characteristic: it is totally bio-degradable. As it is made entirely from paper, once it reaches the soil, the microbial flora attacks and feeds on the cellulose,causing its complete decomposition.

As we can easily understand, the product doesn’t require any recovery cost, but it can be left in the field without causing any damage to the soil and the environment.

What is more, for avoid to loose this fundamental characteristic, in the formulation “iron core” is used an iron filament that, in the field, it decomposes over a period of time and thus provides an important ferrous soil nutrients.


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