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As suggests the suffix “bio“, the development of the bioplastic material gravitates around at the research of solutions for the fruit and vegetable growing connoted from an “ecological attention“, that it actualizes in the proposal of innovative and environmetally friendly articles.

All the articles are realized by raw material 100% of vegetable origin, this involves of polylactide acid (PLA) derived from maize. A biodegradable polymer is stronger but at the same time cheaper than the Mater Bi.

Now, are products 6 different articles, in which 4 are destined to the viticulture and 2 to the

In the first group find the bio-hooks, from 20 mm, 32mm, 46 mm, used in the period of tying, to approach the pairs of wires in the rows of the vines and the Shelter.

bio-ganci, da 20mm, 32mm, 46mm,Bio-protezioni










Bio-protections used to protect the beets from rodents, chimical and mechanical stress.








Bio-tutore per grappoli,As regards the products of the second group we find:

The bio-support for bunches (photo below), mounted on the branches of tomatoes during the period of bloom to support the development of the future bunch, in order to allow the passage of the lymph avoiding its possible breakage.








Tomato clipsThe tomato clips (photo below) used to anchor the plant of tomato at the wire of support during all the phases of its growth:


All the articles are packed in envelopes from a thousand pieces each. A box/cardboard contains ten envelopes equal to ten thousand pieces.


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